World breastfeeding week

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

I will cherish these sweet times with him forever.. ❤️

Our journey did not start out as expected. Breastfeeding was something I assumed would just flow for me. With Stone’s tongue tie in the beginning, it made my supply low and I could never seem to keep up with the growing amount he needed. I tried everything! Teas, cookies, all the oat things, power pumping.. you name it, I tried it.

I was lucky enough to have a few amazing mamas giving me donor milk regularly for the first four months or so. After several anxiety attacks whenever I'd run low, I finally broke down and started supplementing with formula a month or so ago. This was so hard for me, but once I gave in, a lot of my anxiety went away.

I still breastfeed with him but he wants a little more after usually.. We still get to bond and snuggle. I enjoy it so much more now! It had started to be such a source of stress it was making me depressed. Steven could be more involved and feed him too.

It’s not at all the way I thought things would go, but this is our way. Whatever way is best for mama and baby is the best way ❤️ Motherhood has reinforced more than ever to trust my intuition.

I wanna say thank you to all the strong mamas that have shared their breastfeeding stories this week. I've had some really amazing conversations this week that inspired me to share my story as well. #worldbreastfeedingweek


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