Stone's Birth Story

Stone Townes Tankersley

My water broke in bed at 5am on Sunday morning January 27th 2019. I woke Steven up to let him know. We were both really excited at the thought of our sweet boy being on his way and that soon he would be in our arms. Pretty quickly after my water broke, contractions/surges came on strong. I kept trying to find a comfortable place to go through them. I kept walking around and tried out several spots and positions but the place that felt the best was in one of our vintage recliners. I had my knees in the seat and my arms laid over the back of the chair. I kept trying to take deep breaths and meditate through the surges. Ride the waves. Steven lit incenses and the birth candle (a candle that several of my friends have had lit during their home births) We kept it lit until he was safe in our arms.

I was using hypnobirthing to help my body relax and open up. I kept reminding myself that every surge was bringing me closer to my son. I stayed in the chair until my midwives arrived. Steven and the midwives kept rubbing my back and squeezing my hips trying to help during the surges.

While I was going through the surges, they were filling up the birth tub we had set up in our living room. Once they got it filled and warm, I got into the water. As soon as I submerged myself I instantly felt more relaxed. My body calmed down a bit and it was much easier to meditate. Steven had hypnobirthing meditations playing in the background for me. I was on my knees in the water with my arms laid over the side of the birth tub. Steven got into the tub too and continued rubbing my back, squeezing my hips, giving me kisses and encouraging me along the way.

Shortly after I got into the water I started feeling the need to push. I slowly started letting my body do a couple small test pushes during surges. Then they suggested I turn over and lean back into Stevens arms. After I got into that position I started pushing a lot harder. After about 5 good strong pushes I reached down and could feel the top of his head! I yelled out “my baby!” Then I pushed once more and his head came out! His little body followed right after! He was in my arms! Wiggling and crying at 9:14am! I couldn’t believe it!!

We sat there just staring at him in awe for a while. Steven cut his cord and We moved right from the birth tub to a bed we had set up a few feet away. We were snuggling as a family minutes after he was born. Skin to skin in the comfort of our home. It was a magical experience. The midwives took Stone’s vitals after we had a little more time with him. Steven got to weigh him! He weighed 7lbs 6oz. and was 20 inches long! The most perfect precious being I had ever seen!

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