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Sacred Hair Services

I've recently started offering

Sacred Haircuts!

What is a Sacred Haircut? A Sacred Haircut is a Traditional Haircut along with an intentional releasing of what no longer serves you. My salon clients have been bearing their souls to me for years. It felt like it was time to start sharing my offerings to help more on a soul level.

Our hairs are like the rings of a tree, They record everything. They can tell us what we were consuming, what environment we were in, and so much more.. We're releasing a record of a slice of time in our life. A part of us. What isn't sacred about that? In a society thats always on the go, we've forgotten to slow down and experience the sacred. Medicine women, Healers and Hairstylists were one in ancient times, So many rituals and sacred acts have been forgotten.

Slowing down to honor our achievements and reflect on the good and what we're grateful for while releasing what no longer serves us and thanking it for the time when it did, can set us up and clear a path for so much more good to flow in.

Quantum physics suggests the interconnectedness of all things and beings and the connection of our minds with a cosmic mind. Hair is like an antenna. It helps connect us to everything and everyone. It also records and holds onto so many things. Trauma and grief can clog that connection. That's why it always feels so refreshing to cut your hair, especially after a dark period.

A worker at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center in the United States during the Vietnam War said the Choctaw and Navajo Native Americans known as ‘Code Talkers’ during both World Wars, talented scouts were sought to move stealthily through rough and dangerous terrain in conflict zones.

The enlisted recruits, who were well documented as having “outstanding, almost supernatural tracking abilities” were said to not perform as expected in the field, and when questioned about the failures in performance, “the older recruits replied consistently that when they received their required military haircuts, they could no longer ‘sense’ the enemy. They could no longer access a ‘sixth sense’, their ‘intuition’ no longer was reliable, they could not ‘read’ subtle signs as well or access subtle extrasensory information,”

The report claims that government testing institutes compared the behaviors and tracking performances of Native American trackers with and without long hair, and they found that the long-haired subjects outperformed those whose hair had been cut in the military fashion. The suggested theory was that the long hair might have behaved as an extension of the nervous system, as, not unlike the way cat whiskers transmit information to the cat on the prowl as it approaches prey, the long hair acted like a sixth sense.

In the bible, Samson was forbidden to cut his hair; his long hair was considered a testament of his dedication to God. In the stories of Samson, his strength is connected to his hair length.

Many cultures believe growing their hair very long helped them connect with each other and those trying to connect with us from other realms and dimensions. Many cultures also believe in cutting their hair after or during times of grief.

If your connection is blocked, there's a chance it's because you have some trauma from a hard period of time that needs to be removed to restore the connection.

For general maintenance, A trim and releasing ritual are all that is needed to move forward and connect more easily.

For those releasing trauma, I suggest cutting a larger amount or the amount you believe grew during the time you're releasing.

When we heal trauma and grief, We start to feel safe to be our truest self, not the self we've created in survival mode, Once we step out of survival mode and get to know our truest self and start to feel safe to dream. That's when the magic happens! Our thoughts create our reality. Once we shift our thoughts away from pain and fear and toward love and inspiration we can create our wildest dreams!

Its been such a beautiful honor to share this offering.

As someone who worked through an enormous amount of trauma and came out the other side and can finally say I feel Happy and Healthy, I'm here to help make that journey for others as easy as I can.

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