Our Rainbow Baby!

Our Rainbow Baby is on their way! I found out I was pregnant the day after Mother's Day. I took a test the day before Mother's Day and I saw a very faint line. We didn't want to get excited until it was more clear. I was planning to take another test in a week or so.

The day after Mother's Day I went to Stone Fox (The Salon I own in Downtown Las Vegas) I was telling my good friend, Emily Jossel, about my faint line from a few days before and she and another amazing stylist at Stone Fox and good friend, Amber Harlan, freaked out and made me take another test right then. Amber ran and got us a test and BOOM! Then I took 5 more and a digital. I was for sure pregnant!

We started trying about a month before that. I feel like we got pregnant right away. We took a test about a week after we started trying and there was nothing. We got a little nervous that it wouldn't be as easy for us to get pregnant this time, but I'm pretty sure I was already pregnant. It was just too early to detect. I'm 10 weeks today! This sweet baby is due January 29th! A week before Steven's birthday! Maybe they will be born on the same day, who knows! Either way I'm gonna be in a house full of Aquarius'! Help me. haha

Pillow from Urban Outfitters

We had our first ultrasound a few days ago! This little baby was moving around so much and the little heart beat was so strong! Excited to say Hi to Mama and Papa!

I've been feeling all sorts of emotions. I'm really excited, and trying to focus on enjoying this pregnancy. I spent most of Lily's pregnancy obsessing over birth. I was terrified. I was afraid to do everything, so I got the worst cabin fever by the end of the pregnancy. I don't have those same fears this time. I'm sure I will be a little more scared when I get further along but for now I'm just so happy for this baby to be on its way!

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