Our Journey into Solid Foods

Photo by Ashley Myers

What and how are you feeding your baby? We’re doing a mixture of breastfeeding, formula, purées and baby led weaning.

I touched a little bit on this in a previous post already but due to his tongue tie my supply went down before it was fixed and we never quite got it back up enough to keep up with his growing appetite.

I was one of those pregnant ladies that swore I would never use formula. Let me tell you, once you feel the anxiety of what you have to feed you baby running low, you will re-evaluated your priorities in that area.

I was lucky enough to have 3 amazing mamas giving me donor milk for the first 4 months but as everyone’s supplies lessened my anxiety grew. I would make myself sick worrying about it which made me produce less. I tried EVERYTHING.. all the Oatmeal everything, teas, oils, you name it.. some things helped but nothing got me keeping up with my babies growing appetite.

Once we gave in and bought formula, just having it in the house, knowing if milk ran out I had something there as a safety net made my anxiety almost completely go away. My supply went up but not quite enough.

In the 5th month of Stone’s life I gave in and gave him his first formula. I kept breastfeeding and just topping him off with formula if he needed more. This made it possible for Steven to help more too.

At 6 months we introduced Stone to the Moss and Fawn forage feeder! It has been amazing!! For the first month we gave him banana and avocados in the feeder. He could get a taste of these soft foods without the worry of him having solids just yet. I freeze water in it when he’s teething too! I was a little nervous to give him solids before he got teeth. He has two bottom teeth now and he eats happiest baby puffs regularly (he’s crazy for them!) so he’s got his chewing down.

At 6-7 months I started trying a few pouches of purées to see what flavors he responded to.

At 7 months I started making him purées of his favorite fruits and veggies and just this week (8 months next week) I’ve started giving him avocado and banana for him to feed to himself. I cut them up really small and smush them a bit but he’s really good with chewing so I just sit with him and he’s a pro already lol.

You can follow along this journey on my motherhood Instagram at @indigomoonmama I post a lot of what I’m feeling him in the stories and I have a feeding highlight if you’d like to see where we started!

Leave me a comment and let me know what and how you’ve been feeding your baby!


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