My Newborn Favorites - for Mama, Baby and Breastfeeding

When I started putting the registry for our baby shower together I got really overwhelmed. How can you know what you'll need or what the baby will prefer before the baby is here? I know all babies are different. You can't totally know ahead of time but I wanted to put a list of all my favorite things for the newborn stage together. I decided to make a blog about it to help any pregnant women or people shopping for them since I've been getting asked about this a lot lately.

For baby

Dockatot - I use this thing constantly!! A little nap spot for him anywhere you need it.

Como Tomo bottles - These are Stones favorite bottles. They're really similar shape and feel to a boob.

Onesies with reverse zippers and mittens - Dealing with a bunch of snaps in the middle of the night is no fun and the bottom zipper makes it super fast and easy to do diaper changes in the middle of the night without undressing him.

Owlet - This saved my sanity for the first month or so

Hatch rest sound and light machine - This helps so much with making baby go to sleep quickly and stay asleep. You won’t believe how loud everything you do is until you have a newborn around. You can schedule different noises and colors for different times of the day. Its really nice!

Mamaroo - The only way I get stuff done during the day. He will nap in here way longer than anywhere else.

Ubbi Diaper pail - So happy with this! So easy to use and totally contains the smells!

Solly baby wrap - I love this wrap/carrier for the newborn stage. It's super soft and you can tuck baby's head close to you so you don't have to worry about his head and neck not being supported.

Wipe warmer - I got this one which works fine but the lid always pops open and bugs me. The warmer really helped during the first month of winter with a newborn. The few times I had to change him in the middle of the night with cold wipes did not go well. He almost always stays asleep when I use warm wipes in the middle of the night.

California baby - Calming Shampoo and body wash & the Calming everyday lotion. I love the smell of these and they really calm him down naturally.

For breastfeeding and pumping

Haakaa pump (or Nector Collector) lol - This is great for collecting the milk from the boob baby isnt feeding from. You'll be so surprised how much you get!

Medela pump bra - This made my pumping life a lot easier! It makes you hands free during pumping time so you can get other things done.

Spectra pump (the rechargeable one) - If you get the rechargeable one, you can do anything and go anywhere while you pump! Your insurance usually covers it for free!

Nursing station - I learned this one the hard way. I had a diapering station set up before birth thinking thats what I'd need the most but that quickly got converted into a nursing/diapering station. Having everything in one place makes life way easier. I got the Ikea roller cart with three tears.

Things I have in my nursing/diapering station are:


wipe warmer and extra wipes

baby butt spray

calming lotion

onesies for middle of the night changes

burp rags


Medela pump bra


Haakaa nursing pads

Medela milk storage bags

Last but not least, NIPPLE CREAM! I was overwhelmed the first few days and didn't start using nipple cream at first. I regret that so much!! My nipples hurt so bad after a few days. Use it after every feeding for the first few weeks! Trust me!

My favorite is by Coyote Sunchild

For mama (postpartum)

Blanqi leggings - These are the most comfortable leggings I've ever worn. Perfect for the beginning when you're still a little sore.

Fabletics leggings - These leggings made me feel the sexiest. They put everything in the right place.

Bellafit corset- The sent me one to try and I love it!! I've only worn it a few time and I'm pretty much back to my pre pregnancy shape.

Spaghetti strap tanks and Botton up shirts for nursing - I hate all the nursing bras and just wearing bras in general so I just wear these tanks with nursing pads. I like going thrifting for my button ups but thats totally up to you. I've been really enjoying thrifting for baby clothes lately too! Ill be posting some of my finds soon!

Postpartum kit - Something that really helped me the first few weeks after was a bag of things I put together before I gave birth that I knew would make me feel good after. This is anything you associate with self care. I put tons of stuff in mine. I also set up a little box of things on my night stand so it would be available to me for those first few days when I shouldn't be getting out of bed very much. I'll be doing a blog soon on all the things in my postpartum kits! I also did a home birth kit! Ill be going over those in more detail soon! They really helped during that chaotic time.

I had a few girlfriends that got me postpartum self care boxes with lots of goodies to make me feel like a woman again. One of my favorite ones was from

Books, podcasts, movies and binge worthy shows - I'm a person that is constantly busy with my businesses and homes stuff and now new mom stuff so the hardest part for me was slowing down. I had the hardest time just sitting there breastfeeding or holding him while he slept as a to do list ran through my head torturing me. The thing that helped the most was just embracing it. Once I started watching movies and just relaxing as an enjoyable luxurious thing, it all got a lot easier. I've been trying to be present during this precious time with him but I also can't sit still with a million things to do so just check out and go into vacation with my baby mode. I also started meditating during these times and that's really helped me.

I hope this helps! I'm no expert and I'm just learning too ,so if you have any suggestions for me I'd love to see your comments! Thanks so much!

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