Liquid Gold - The magic of breast milk

This little angel wing pendant was made from breast milk I pumped for my sweet Lily girl. I wanted to share this with you in honor of National breastfeeding week. It’s a crazy thing to physically crave nourishing your baby that isn’t there. I was so excited to breast feed her. I remember feeling so proud when I first made milk, but then instantly sad that I couldn’t nourish my sweet girl with it. My body was saying “I’m a mama! Let me feed my baby!” Life had other plans.. When I would hear babies cry or when I would cry, I would leak. My body wanted to feed her so badly. I felt like this magical process was being wasted. This magical substance that was made special for her... I thought about pumping for other moms that couldn't as a way to honor my sweet Lily, but it was too hard on me emotionally. I felt like my body was crying out for her.

Breast Milk is truly magical medicine. I had no idea before I got pregnant that it is such strong medicine that heals so many things. It most importantly boosts the baby's immune system, but it also kills off several infections. Eye, ear, and more.. The first milk that comes from the mother is the strongest and most magical. It's often referred to as "liquid gold" This is the milk I used to have this made.

Here is some neat info on breast milk magic

Here is some interesting info about the ancient and sacred uses and beliefs of breast milk

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