Goldfield, NV.

We loved Goldfield! It's such cute little town! Goldfield is about 180 miles outside of Las Vegas. It was a very wealthy mining town during the gold rush. Millions in gold was mined in Goldfield. After the gold ran out, the town died as quickly as it came to life.

The reason we originally wanted to go to Goldfield was to see the famous Goldfield Hotel. The Goldfield Hotel is known as the most haunted place in Nevada. It's been closed since the 1940's but we wanted to go see what this old almost ghost town was all about.

We couldn't get inside but I was able to take a few photos through the window. This photo below was from the front door into the lobby. Everything looked covered in thick dust like no one had been in there for a while.

No signs of life, death or spirits except this single light bulb turned on and sitting in the middle of a big empty room.

After we were done exploring, we decided to find a local place to get something to drink. We found The Hoist House! It was cute and rustic. We chatted with the owner for a while about events in Goldfield and the general goings on.

We did some more exploring and found some more old train cars! We took some photos and went across the street to The Santa Fe Saloon. This place had a cozy, old rustic feel.

After a long day of exploring, we headed up about 30 miles to Tonopah, NV. to the Mizpah Hotel. It was designed by one of the architects thats designed the Goldfield Hotel. The Mizpah is known to be haunted as well. Once we got settled into our room, I went to do a little exploring through the hotel.

After doing a little exploring, I decided to go back to the room and take a bubble bath in the largest clawfoot tub! It was so amazing after the long snowy day we'd had. Steven snuck up on me and caught me in my bath time bliss haha!

Later that night, I decided to do a little more exploring in the hotel. This hotel has become one of my favorites! It has a similar feel to my old home in New York. The Chelsea Hotel. It has an old cozy feel like a home away from home. You can feel it’s history and presence through out the building. I used to always say that coming home when I lived at the Chelsea felt like she was giving me a hug as I walked into the lobby. I could always feel the heartbeat of the Chelsea. This is the only other hotel I can say I’ve felt that with as well. I highly recommend this magical oasis in the desert. A perfect stop for the night on your travels through Nevada.

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