Daily Self Care Rituals

It's important to feel good everyday. ESPECIALLY on the busy days. I'm really bad about this. I'm good about self care on the days I have time. On the busy days, I feel like I just can't be bothered. It seems more like another chore on my list than something enjoyable.

I've been trying to incorporate as many little things into my daily routine that make me feel good as I can. My goal is, no matter how busy my day is, to still feel that self love. The first thing I did was think about the things I already do daily. What do I do, eat, and/or use everyday that makes me feel good?


I start my morning with Yoga and Meditation at home. I take things really slowly. I spend about 30 minutes doing various stretches to make me feel ready for the day. I focus on my breath, keeping myself relaxed. I do a 30-45 minute Meditation depending on how much time I have that day. When I first started meditating, I used guided meditations I found on youtube. Now I like playing soft music, nature sounds or blissful frequencies and focus on my breath.


I try to eat something fresh to honor my body and set myself up to win for the day. It's usually a fruit smoothie or avocado toast.. Simple, but good is always my favorite. You can find a local farm that does a produce delivery to make your life even easier.

My favorite fruit smoothie right now:

Orange juice



green grapes

hemp hearts


sometimes I add avocado

Favorite Avocado toast right now:



Fresh thyme

Fresh basil

olive oil

lemon juice

Himalayan pink salt

fresh cracked black pepper

Sometimes I add one of my chickens eggs, soft boiled!


I use some products while getting myself ready for the day that really make me feel my best. Taking your face cleanser and soaps to the next level is an easy place to start. I use Origins Checks and Balances face cleanser, and I like handmade local soaps! They usually have the best smells and the love put into making them blows other soaps away! In a pinch, I will grab a brick of soap from the soap bar at Whole Foods Market. I like to have soap with an invigorating scent in the morning like citrus and something relaxing in the evening like Lavender. Same goes for lotion scents. In this post, I'm just going to talk about cleansers. I'll be making a separate post about my favorite daily products.

I love to take a bath. I like to run a nice, hot bath, and let myself relax, and unwind. I love bath bombs! I love handmade local bath bombs as well. My favorite is Lenore Batherie. In a pinch, I will grab some from Lush.

This is a good start. I want to add to this and elevate the things I'm already doing daily to make the little things the most enjoyable without feeling like I'm putting out a ton of extra time and energy I don't have.

What are some things you do in your daily routine that make you feel good? What are your Daily Self Care Rituals?

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