Love over Fear

I realized a few years ago that I had been keeping myself from having some amazing experiences because I had been choosing fear. I think the first time I consciously chose love over fear was when I decided I wanted to have kids. I was embracing the unknown. Choosing to take a chance on love and family instead of focusing on my fears. After that, I started trying to choose love over fear in all situations.

I started to realize that fear comes in many forms. Hate is just fear. The need to control comes from fear. A lack of Knowledge creates fear. Ive been diving into studying a lot lately because of this. All the good stuff comes from Love. It takes a bit of rewiring the way we've been taught to think. We're taught to be defensive and to appear like we know it all. This is the ego taking over. The ego is fear. I never share these things with the thought that I'm further along than anyone. I just want to share the things that made a difference for me. Maybe if I had learned these things sooner in my life, I'd be that much further along in my growth. Always growing, Always learning, Always loving.

knowledge eliminates fear so whatever scares you, learn about it.

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