My Aquarius Love

Today is my Fiancés birthday! I thought since its his birthday, it might be nice to tell you all a little about him. He's a really amazing man. My best friend. The only love I've ever had that made me feel real unconditional love. We've grown and changed a lot since we got together but somehow luckily we've been growing in the same direction. I'm so grateful for him and our love.

If any of you have ever known an Aquarius men, you know that they aren't the best with feelings. The strong silent type haha! When we started out that was definitely the case with him. He's grown in to a passionate man thats very in touch with his feelings and beliefs. Im really proud to be by his side.

His name is Steven Ray Tankersley. He's 6ft 4in. (almost a foot and half taller than me haha) He's such a good man. Sweet and quiet most of the time but not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He's very much an extrovert. He's a mixologist and musician. He loves being social. Me, not so much. haha! Im a major introvert. The Hermit. This has become a great thing for us. We've found out how to groove together. He makes me get out of my box (and out of the house) and I open him up to deeper things. We complete each other in many ways.

He's a bartender at a Rum bar in Las Vegas called Starboard Tack. He's plays stand up bass in a few bands. Mainly for fun. We can't wait to teach our kids to play music. Family band haha <3

Hes been by my side through so much. I'm so glad we've gotten to this point together. I can't wait for the rest! He makes my life feel complete. Im forever grateful for this wonderful man.

Love you babe!

These photos were taken at Oak Alley Plantation

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