The Horse Connection

I've always loved horses. Ive always felt a connection with them. There is so much beauty in something having the power to be reckless and violent but choosing to be loving and gentle.

I've had several magical encounters with horses already this year. The first experience was at the Indian Springs Ranch in Nevada. A location for a maternity photo shoot for one of my good friends. I had been there one time before for the same friends wedding. We decided we wanted to shoot with the horses. As soon as we entered the area with the horses, one came right up to me. He started nuzzling with me and being super affectionate. We had several long periods of touching faces and staring into each others eye. My friend and I were so amazed! When we left the area, I locked the gate back with a rope. As I walked away I could see him standing by the gate watching me. An hour or so after we left we got a photo from the ranch owner. She said he was still standing in that same spot. so precious. Sweet little king.

The next encounter was at Mt. Charleston. We've been looking for a cabin outside of town so we've been going up to the mountain a lot lately. We were really excited to see this cabin. When we got there, we could see there was a hill behind the cabin. We decided to walk to the top to see what was over the hill. As soon as we got to the top, We saw a beautiful black horse walking right toward us. He kept walking toward us as we slowly walked to me him. He stopped about 7 feet from me and stared at me for a few minutes. Then he looked off into the distance and there was a mama and baby horse. I realized it was a family. It was a really beautiful thing to witness a family out in the wild. You could feel his concern for the other two horses. it was starting to sprinkle and he seemed to be rushing them along like a nervous dad that didn't want to get stuck in the rain.

The most recent encounter was a few days ago. We were driving out into the Nevada desert to look at a cabin and we decided to take a detour. We saw a sign saying there was a creek near by. We found a part of the creek that got bigger so we parked there to take a walk around. We realized that the pool of water had another little creek running away from it. We decided to follow it. As we walked along the water and talked, we slowly started to realize that there were wild horses everywhere! There were at least 10. It was the most I had ever seen together. It was such a beautiful experience. You could feel the power they held but you could see the love. A big group of them happily ate hay, not paying any attention to us. A few were off in the distance. There was a mom with a baby. you could tell the mom and another adult horse standing near her were the protectors. Probably the older and wiser of the group. We moved very slowly are respectfully. We kept kneeling down and telling them we were friends. They let us walk through the group peacefully. We walked through and circled back. I left feeling so overwhelmed with beauty. So grateful for having witness this wild love.

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