What happened to your baby?

I said that I'm a mommy to a spirit baby. What's a spirit baby? A spirit baby is a baby who has left her physical body and now lives in the spirit realm. A guardian Angel! Her name is Lily Belle.

I lost my daughter during birth complications due to cord prolapse on October 28th 2017. She was breech and her cord was under her butt. When my water broke it put pressure on her cord and cut off her oxygen. If you'd like to know more, you can read my birth story in the next post. Its been a crazy painful journey but I've recieved many blessing since I lost her.

One of my greatest blessings Ive received is her trying to communicate with me ALOT! She loves to play with electronics. haha! I didn't feel her presence at first. I was to consumed with my grief of losing her little physical body and my daily life as a mom. I was mourning all the expectations I had about the life I thought we'd be living. I had so much already planned out. That was SO hard to let go of. I realized that the more I started to try to let go of her physical body and those expectations the more weird things started happening.

I kept having friends come to me and tell me they had dreams about me having a baby. the last friend that told me this, told me that she saw me with a little girl named Violet. That was one of the baby names on my list for Lily! This is what we've decided to name our next daughter. During this same time, weird things started happening around our house. Things would fly across the room right in front of us. lot of crazy things that I'll get into more later. It got to the point that even my more skeptical fiancé couldn't deny that it had to be Lily.

It was crazy and exciting coming to the realization that my daughter is still here and communicating with me. Now its just part of our normal everyday life. She likes to do big obvious things when her dad and I spend time together almost rewarding us for being close still. Its really cute. Having her spirit close has made the pain of losing her physical body so much more bearable.

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